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Baby Ultrasound Photos  See Cora Isabel Born Aug 19, 2001

For The Baby  

  Cora's Room Decorations
  Welcome friends and family.  
Jeff & Alexa, March 2001   Casey  1yr 4 mo.

Alexa, 5 months Pregnant   Casey in the Car.
Alexa, 6 months Pregnant   Alexa, 6 months Pregnant
Alexa, 7 months Pregnant   Alexa, 8 months Pregnant
Alexa 9 mo. With Tia Margarita. Alexa's hand made Nicaraguan Rocking Chair. From Tia Silvia Narvaez
Jeff, Alexa (9mo), and Casey,  July 29, 2001 Alexa, 9 mo in her Nica Rocker
Jeff & Alexa Aug. 13, 2001